Arby's E-mail

Received: 05/01/12

The following is the e-mail response from Arby’s when asked which of their menu items are vegan:

Your questions posted to the Arby’s Customer Feedback system were forwarded to me, Food Safety and Regulatory Affairs Compliance Officer for Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. Thank you for your interest in Arby’s, and for your attention to detail regarding our menu.

You reached the right audience at Arby’s. A very high-ranking member of our Marketing team was copied on your message to us, so please consider your message and voice as counting as a vote for an ever-growing market for vegetarian and vegan offerings in the retail sector. There is no denying the growth in the vegetarian market, and it should not be ignored. I congratulate you on your choice of diet and lifestyle, and wish you the best going forward in this matter.

The standard response from our Customer Relations Team to feedback like yours is to state, “Thank you for taking the time to visit our Customer Feedback website to submit your comments. In regard to the question, Arby’s does not have a vegetarian menu; however, you may order any item without meat to accommodate your needs.” Some franchisees handle this special order better than others. The current state of affairs makes me almost want to offer you an apology first and foremost. We have somewhat complete menu and ingredient information in the “Food” section of our website ( ). It is not complete in the sense that you are researching

I looked at your website. I know there are ways of almost certifying certain foods as vegan; however, our Legal Department does not allow me to make any claims. I still have to maintain that a very small percentage of our cheeses may have been made using animal rennet-even though our suppliers may disclose that their sources of L-cysteine are microbial, I have to maintain that we do not specify this restriction to microbial source, and there are legitimate animal sources out there-and no, there are no fryers dedicated to exclude the cooking of meat-containing menu items in the common oil.

Again, thank you for your interest in Arby’s, and I wish you the best going forward in this matter. Please feel free to contact me directly with any further questions or need for additional information.

We welcome your question regarding the sharing of fryer oil. All of the fried items on our menu may be cooked using shared fryer oil. These items include: Curly fries, Sidekickers, chicken, and fish.

Please visit to view the nutritional details about our products.

Thanks for your interest in Arby’s!