Auntie Anne's Menu

Auntie Anne's Menu

Auntie Anne’s is categorized under Fast Food – Concession Stands.

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Welcome to the Auntie Anne’s menu page of Vegan Eating Out. This page lists which of Auntie Anne’s’ menu items are suitable for a vegan diet. If you would like clarification about ingredients used in the food at Auntie Anne’s contact information is also provided.

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At Home Pretzel Kit
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel (without Butter)
Garlic Pretzel (without Butter)
Jalapeno Pretzel (without Butter)
Original Pretzel (without Butter)
Raisin Pretzel (without Butter)
Sesame Pretzel (without Butter)
Blue Raspberry ICEE
Coca-Cola ICEE
Diet Lemonade
Gold Peak Sweetened Black Tea
Gold Peak Sweetened Green Tea
Nestea Iced Tea
Nestea Raspberry Iced Tea
Poland Spring Bottled Water
Strawberry Lemonade
Cherry Coke
Dr. Pepper
Orange Fanta
Root Beer

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