Camille's Sidewalk Cafe E-mail

Received: 05/14/08

The following is the e-mail response from Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe when asked which of their menu items are vegan:

Thank you so much for your email and interest in which menu items are suitable for vegans at Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe!

The items below are suitable for vegans:

Sonoma Veggie Wrap without Pepperjack cheese and Honey Mustard Dressing

The Veganini without Feta cheese, sun-dried tomato pesto, and pesto-mayo

House Salad without Pepperjack cheese

Chips and Salsa

Oriental Sesame Dressing

Raspberry Dressing

All smoothies without honey

Hope this helps you; please feel free to contact me again in the future should you have more questions.

We appreciate your patronage and look forward to serving you again soon at a Camille’s near you!