Cosi E-mail

Received: 08/20/08

The following is the e-mail response from Cosi when asked which of their menu items are vegan:

Thank you for taking the time out to contact us regarding the vegan items and options on our menu.

Our breads do contain milk. Additionally, we don’t have a separate area where our vegan products are prepared.

Our Oatmeal, Fruit cup, Cosi Harvest Mix, Lentil Soup & Signature Salad without cheese are all items compatible with a vegan diet. You can also build your own salad, but please note that some dressings do have dairy products in them (dressings without dairy are our Sherry Shallot, Low-Fat Sherry Shallot, Balsamic & Ginger Soy).

I hope this helps you navigate through our Cosi Menu a little easier.

If you have any additional questions that we can answer, I hope you won’t hesitate to let us know.