Domino's Pizza E-mail

Received: 04/23/11

The following is the e-mail response from Domino’s Pizza when asked which of their menu items are vegan:

Thank for your interest in Domino’s Pizza. To answer your question regarding our use of animal products in your pizza–cheese, sauce, crust (such as rennet, flavorings, etc.) Due to the nature of our operations we can not assure you that our products will meet your Vegan requirements.

Our Domino’s dough is a yeast leavened product, containing Flour, Water, Oil, Sugar, Salt, Yeast, Vital Wheat Gluten, Ascorbic Acid, L-Cysteine, SSL, Whey and Alpha amylase. The L-cysteine is a microbial based product. Domino’s Pizza sauce is a blend of Water, Tomato Paste, Salt, Sugar, Spices and Herbs, Garlic Powder, Citric Acid.

Domino’s Pizza Diced Cheese for Pizza is a specially produced cheese made exclusively for our use. It is a natural dairy product, produced from cultured, pasteurized milk, rennet; and salts of calcium and/or sodium. The type of rennet used in the production of this cheese is restricted to a microbial-based rennet or a genetically-engineered rennet. Animal derived rennets will not be allowed.

As far as the other cheeses (Cheddar, Parmesan, Provolone, etc.), Domino’s does not specify the source of rennet used in these products. They may or may not contain animal rennet. This depends on the supplier’s current source and is always subject to change without notification to Domino’s Pizza.

The source for mono & di-gylcerides and enzymes used in our products is unknown and would require a great deal of time to research.

The source for flavorings used in our products is unknown and would require a great deal of time to research.

Attached is our nutritional/ingredient brochure, which can also be located on our website at by selecting “Nutritional Info”, located at the bottom of the page and then selecting “Nutritional Details” in the top right corner (PDF).

You can also locate ingredient information in our “Cal-o-Meter” (Calculate Calories), choose your pizza and build it or select from the products in the list, once you have made your selection click View Details on the right, get Nutrition Facts under Meal Details at the bottom of the page.

Again, thank you for your interest in Domino’s Pizza.

Can you confirm that the Thin Crust has no animal ingredients?

Thank you for contacting us at our World Resource Center.

Listed below are the thin crust ingredients:

THIN CRUST: Flour (Wheat, Malted Barley), Water, Soybean Oil, Yeast, Salt, Dextrose, Leavening (Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Corn Starch, Monocalcium Phosphate), Calcium Propionate (Preservative). Contains: Soy, Wheat.

Could you tell me the source of the l-cysteine in your Sandwich Bread used for the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich?

Thank you for contacting us at our World Resource Center.

The L-cysteine in the dough is synthetic or microbial.

  • David

    Wow. That answer is supposed to make me feel better? Not. (And I’m not even a Vegan.) Calling things food that are NOT food and were never meant to BE food is NOT okay. I don’t care who you are.