May 19

Eating Vegan with Chick-fil-A

With a name like Chick-fil-A you might scratch your head wondering what this fast food restaurant could offer someone on a vegan diet. As you might guess, they don’t have a buffet of options, but there are some choices you may not have thought of on the Chick-fil-A menu.


Chick-fil-A Vegan

Image Copyright Chick-fil-A.

One item unique to Chick-fil-A that’s available for vegans are the Hashbrowns. Choose between these, a Plain Bagel or a Fruit Cup for a healthy way to start your morning. For lunch consider a Side Salad without cheese. You can mix in a variety of vegetables to spruce up the salad, or roll them together in a Tortilla for a convenient wrap. Next time you hear “Chick-fil-A” don’t groan thinking about how impossible it must be to eat there. Now you know they have more to offer than you’d think!