Logan's Roadhouse E-mail

Received: 06/05/12

The following is the e-mail response from Logan’s Roadhouse when asked which of their menu items are vegan:

Thank you for contacting Logan’s Roadhouse. Because we are a steakhouse, we do not have any menu items that specifically cater to guest with a vegetarian or vegan preference. Here are a few options minus some ingredients that can be ordered.

These options are suggested for those who have a vegan preference. However, you can modify according to your preferences.

Roadhouse Salad/ House Salad: without eggs, no cheese, no bacon bits
Anything and Everything salad: no eggs, no bacon bits, no grilled chicken, no blue cheese crumbles
Kickin Salad: no steak or chicken, no cheese

Milk-free/ Egg-free Dressings: Balsamic vinaigrette, Fat Free Caesar (FF Vinaigrette), Red French, Golden Italian,

(note: fried items are fried in a fryer with other meat based products)
Baked potato: no margarine
Brewski Onions
Broccoli: no margarine
Crispy onions
Grilled mushroom skewer
Vegetable skewer
Sweet potato: no margarine, with cinnamon sugar only
Sweet potato fries
Onion petals: no sauce
Potato chips

Suggested items to include in your choices, if you have a vegetarian preference:
Any side (without bacon bits on the loaded baked potato)
Egg on your salad
Caesar, ranch, blue cheese and thousand island dressings
Any dessert

Of course, we are happy to accommodate your needs to the best of our ability, please let your server or manager know if you have questions regarding your restaurant’s menu.

If I may be of further assistance, please let me know.

  • This is great. We’re eating here tomorrow for a going away party. This I informative.

  • Stephanie Blackburn

    I’m in love with the grilled vegetable skewers! With so many options, Logans is the most vegan-vegetarian-friendly steakhouse I’ve ever seen! (They still kill cows and chickens, which is sad. But at least I can still eat there on the road.)