Feb 08

Raw Vegan Menu at Gingersnap’s Organic

Tacos, burgers, pizza… not items you would necessarily expect to be available to a vegan, much less a raw vegan. But the menu at Gingersnap’s Organic in NYC makes these dishes for the strictest of diets. In fact, the menu is made of 100% raw vegan options!

Raw Vegan Gingersnaps Organic

Image Copyright Gingersnap’s Organic.

The Gingersnap’s Organic menu makes it a hip place for you to hang out and enjoy a good meal. While the menu is full of comfort foods, you can also order from a good variety of salads, healthy appetizers and even dessert. They also offer delivery up to 57th street in Manhattan. If you’re looking for yummy, raw, vegan food then look no further and [GO] quickly to Gingersnap’s Organic!