Jul 16

Red Robin now offers BOCA Original Vegan Burger!

Red Robin now offers a BOCA Original Vegan Burger that can be substituted for any of it’s regular burgers. The company is making strides in incorporating alternative diets. They’ve added a blurb on their FAQ page about vegetarian and vegan choices:

Do you currently have vegan and/or vegetarian offerings on your menu?
Yes. Most Red Robin restaurants in the U.S. offer both the BOCA Original Vegan Burger and a Gardenburger patty as meatless options for any burger or sandwich at no additional charge. In addition, we carry a wide range of salads and other entrees, which our Team Members will gladly customize to meet the dietary needs or preferences of our Guests.
Please thank them for providing a vegan alternative. Use Vegan Eating Out to contact other restaurants and encourage them to do the same!