The Cheesecake Factory E-mail

Received: 06/27/11

The following is the e-mail response from The Cheesecake Factory when asked which of their menu items are vegan:

Thank you for your interest in The Cheesecake Factory. While we do not have a specific separate vegetarian menu, we are able to modify a majority of our dishes to be made without any meat products. Here are some suggestions:

Grilled Portabella On A Bun – no bun
Avocado Eggrolls with the exception that they are sealed with an egg wash
Sweet Corn Tamale Cakes – This item is made with Heavy Cream in the cake itself. Other than that, it is vegetarian. The Tomatillo Cream Sauce does have chicken broth. The Corn Cake itself does NOT contain meat. It can be ordered without the sauce
Thai Lettuce Wraps with no chicken
All Salads can be modified to be made without meat, cheese etc and you can get oil & vinegar on the side
The following dressings do not contain eggs: Chinese, Cilantro, Citrus Vinaigrette, Honey-Mustard, Japanese, Vinaigrette, Lime Vinaigrette, Peanut Vinaigrette, Shallot Vinaigrette, Asian Vinaigrette, Sheila’s Vinaigrette
Side of Veggies (i.e. Snow Peas & Vegetables, Spinach or Asparagus)

Our pastas that have an egg base are linguine, fettucine and wide egg noodles. Our spaghetti, farfalle, rigatoni, capellini, penne and angel hair do not have an egg base. Also, all of our bread products contain an egg base.

Please be sure to ask your server or a manager to tour guide you to menu items that meet your dietary needs. All of our servers and managers are very knowledgeable about our ingredients. I do hope that this information has helped and that we have the privilege of serving you again very soon.

Are the French Fries and Sweet Potato Fries made in a separate fryer from other ingredients? Do locations serve Soy Milk for the espressos? Do your Smoothies contain animal ingredients? What are your vegetables sauteed in?

Thank you for your e-mail response.

The following beverages do not contain animal products:

Strawberry Fruit Smoothie
Tropical Smoothie
Peach Smoothie
Frozen Iced Mango
Frozen Iced Berry

We do not offer soy milk and do not have separate fryers at our restaurants. Please let your server know that you are vegan and would like to speak to a manager. All of our managers are well trained on our menu ingredients and our guest’s dietary restrictions. We can modify any salad and most entrees without animal products. We saute our spinach in butter, however you can request no butter on any of your vegetable selections.

We hope you have a wonderful visit!

Which of your sauces are free of animal products?

Thank you for your e-mail response.

The following sauces do not contain animal products:

Marinara, Roasted Tomato, Thai Peanut Sauce and Thai Pasta Sauce.

Please let your server know of your dietary requirements and a manager can assist you with your sauce selections. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Have a wonderful day!