Uno Chicago Grill Menu

Uno Chicago Grill Menu

Uno Chicago Grill is categorized under Fast Food – Pizzarias.

Items: 15
Made to Order: 0
Beverages: 17

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Welcome to the Uno Chicago Grill menu page of Vegan Eating Out. This page lists which of Uno Chicago Grill’s menu items are suitable for a vegan diet. If you would like clarification about ingredients used in the food at Uno Chicago Grill contact information is also provided.

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Kid’s Apples & Mandarin Oranges
Farro Salad
Farro Side Salad
House Salad (without Croutons)
Brown Rice
Kid’s Pasta
Kid’s Whole Grain Pasta
Roasted Vegetables
Steamed Broccoli
Steamed Vegetables
Roasted Vegetable Wrap (without Cheese)
Roasted Vegetable Wrap (without Cheese)
Thin Crust Eggplant Spinach Feta (without Cheese or Pesto)
Thin Crust Mediterranean (without Cheese or Pesto)
Kid’s Slush
Tarrazu Estate Blend Coffee
Harney & Sons Premium Tea
(Irish Breakfast, Hot Cinnamon Spice, Tropical Green, or Decaf Raspberry)
Bottled Water
(Spring or Sparkling)
Fresh Lemonade
(Classic, Raspberry, Mango or Arnold Palmer)
Freshly Brewed Lipton Iced Teas
(Classic, Raspberry, Mango or Mint)
Red Bull
Red Bull Sugar Free
Tropical Fruit Freezer
Bottled Water
Caffeine Free Mug Root Beer
Mountain Dew
Pepsi Max
Sierra Mist
Alcoholic Beverages

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  • savethecat

    I’m not sure if this is a new addition but I was just on the UNO website and it lists egg whites in the veggie soup ingredients.

  • veganeatingout

    Hi Epbilhartz. I confirmed with Uno Chicago Grill that they bake cheese into the Deep Dish Crust, but not the Thin Crust. The page on Vegan Eating Out has been updated to reflect this.

  • Beth

    If you ask, they’ll make a deep dish crust dairy-free for you. Yum!