Jan 25

Vegan Eating Out Has a New Look

You may have noticed today that Vegan Eating Out looks a bit different. Maybe you’ve seen that the logo was recently updated. Maybe you’ve observed that the site is moving just a little quicker. Perhaps you’ve taken note that there are more updates than usual.


You may have also caught that Vegan Eating Out Mobile is now available. Ad-free and formatted to be easy to use on your mobile device, it’s just one of many improvements you’ll see to Vegan Eating Out this year.


Vegan Eating Out


Last night, Vegan Eating Out switched platforms from Drupal to WordPress.


Switching to WordPress means pages will load faster for you. It provides you greater security while using Vegan Eating Out. It also allows more flexibility for great new features to be added in the future. Keep visiting Vegan Eating Out throughout the year to see more benefits from the change.


By being who you are, every day you show the world that not only is veganism a normal way of life, but it is responsible, kind, healthy and fulfilling. Thank you for continuing to be a role model to your community. Thank you for continuing to support Vegan Eating Out.

  • Grace McCarter

    Why no android app? I’d gladly pay 5 or even $10 and just be done with it, no subscriptions, just vegan options.