May 31

Vegan Eating Out Menu Updates May 2012

Vegan Menu Updates

As more and more restaurants and fast food chains open up do the idea of a vegan consumer group, their menus and customer service reflect that change. Vegan Eating Out helps bring you new ideas for your next meal.

The following vegan menus were updated in May of 2012. If nothing has changed since the last updates, some menus may still list the same items. When provided, the e-mail from each location has also been updated to help you make better decisions when dining out.

100% Vegan identifies an eating establishment that serves 100% vegan food.


(12 updates)

Black Angus Steakhouse Menu (5/26/2012)

Dunkin Donuts Menu (5/25/2012)

IHOP Menu (5/21/2012)

McAlister’s Deli Menu (5/16/2012)

Spicy Pickle Menu (5/12/2012)

Wawa Menu (5/12/2012)

Carino’s Menu (5/11/2012)

Domino’s Pizza Menu (5/8/2012)

Arby’s Menu (5/7/2012)

Carl’s Jr. Menu (5/4/2012)

Jimmy John’s Menu (5/2/2012)

Olive Garden Menu (5/1/2012)