Sep 30

Vegan Eating Out Menu Updates September 2012

Vegan Menu Updates

Burrito joints, burger palaces and pizza plazas. From afar each of these places wouldn’t appear to have anything on the menu that fits a vegan diet. But when you get down into the details of the menu you can see that it’s easy to be vegan and enjoy great food at any one of them.

The following vegan menus were updated in September of 2012. If nothing has changed since the last updates, some menus may still list the same items. When provided, the e-mail from each location has also been updated to help you make better decisions when dining out.

100% Vegan identifies an eating establishment that serves 100% vegan food.


(8 updates)

Taco del Mar Menu (9/30/2012)

Cafe Rio Menu (9/30/2012)

Steak ‘N Shake Menu (9/30/2012)

Ledo Pizza Menu (9/12/2012)

Burger King Menu (9/8/2012)

Panera Bread Menu (9/6/2012)

Goodcents Menu (9/6/2012)

Pal’s Menu (9/5/2012)