Vegan Food

Finding vegan food can be hard when you’re eating out. Many restaurants, fast food chains and refreshment stands are limited in options when it comes to a vegan diet. Vegan Eating Out makes it easy for you to find vegan food to enjoy.

In each of the sections of Vegan Eating Out you will find the 100% Vegan Items symbol for 100% vegan establishments. This means that their menu is entirely made of ingredients suitable for a vegan diet. Naturally, these are the best places for you to eat when possible. By eating at these locations you are supporting the vegan community and are guaranteed healthy, worry-free food.

Vegan Food Fruit

Vegan Food Rice

But most popular chains don’t cater to vegans and finding delicious food isn’t always easy. You may not have access to Vegan Eating Out to check the menu of where you’re planning to eat. The following are suggestions for those times when you aren’t sure of what is safe for vegans to order. You may have to ask questions of your waiter, waitress or even the manager. But don’t be discouraged – by asking for vegan choices you will encourage more places to add vegan food to their menu.

You don’t have to feel helpless when you go out to eat. Almost every place you can think of serves some kind of vegan food. So go ahead – be adventurous and try something new! Your favorite vegan dish is waiting out there to be discovered.


Vegan Food What to avoid
Baked Potatoes & French Fries Butter, Cheese, Friers shared with Animal Ingredients, Milk
Chips & Salsa or Guacamole Cheese, Guacamole made with Milk
Fruit Gelatin, Whipped Cream, Yogurt
Mixed Vegetables Butter, Cheese
Pasta Butter, Cheese, Pasta made with Eggs, Sauces made with Animal Ingredients
Pizza Cheese, Crusts made with Dairy, Sauces made with Animal Ingredients
Pretzels Butter
Rice & Bean Dishes Butter, Cheese, Chicken, Meat
Salad (Vinaigrette is usually safe) Anchovies, Cheese, Chicken, Croutons made with Milk, Eggs, Dressings made with Animal Ingredients, Meat
Sandwiches & Subs Anchovies, Cheese, Chicken, Dressings made with Animal Ingredients, Meat
Smoothies Milk, Whey Protein, Yogurt
Sorbet Ice Cream Cones garnished with Milk Chocolate
Tofu Sauces made with Eggs or Animal Based Stock
Veggie Burgers or Falafel Buns made with L-Cysteine, Burgers that are Vegetarian but not Vegan (made with Cheese, Eggs or Milk) 


Vegan Food Pasta & Vegetables