Aug 01

Vegan Noodles & Company Menu

Eating vegan at Noodles & Company is easy! You can sort the Nooldes & Company menu by Vegan choices on their website (you can look up any place’s vegan menu choices here on Vegan Eating Out). Plus, Noodles & Company lets you customize your order, making more menu items available to you.

 Vegan Noodles & Company

Image Copyright Noodles & Company.

Pictured above is the Indonesian Peanut Saute noodles which are vegan by nature. You can also order the Japanese Pan Noodles without worry. Ask for the Penne Rosa or Whole Gran Tuscan Linguine without cream or cheese for more options. When you leave off the cheese, the Pasta Fresca and Spaghetti also become options!

The Noodles & Company menu also has a nice range of salads which when ordered without products with animal ingredients such as the wontons and yogurt sauce are vegan. Try one with the Asian or Balsamic Vinaigrettes. No matter what you’re in the mood for, Noodles & Company will accomodate you. You never have to fear that there’s nothing for your vegan diet here!