Jun 06

Vegan Options at Cold Stone Creamery

The last place a vegan might think to eat is an ice cream parlor. What could a place like Cold Stone Creamery – full of dairy products with “creamery” in the name – have to offer someone on a vegan diet?

But sometimes we have limited choices when it comes to eating out. Luckily Cold Stone Creamery is a little more vegan-friendly than you might think.


Vegan Cold Stone Creamery

Image Copyright Cold Stone Creamery.


To begin with, Cold Stone offers sorbets. A sorbet is like a sherbet without the milk.

The seven flavors available are Country Time Lemonade Sorbet, Lemon Sorbet, Mojit Sorbet, Pineapple Orange Banana Sorbet, Rasperry Sorbet, Strawberry Mango Banana Sorbet, Watermelon Sorbet. Cold Stone Creamery has tons of vegan add-ins to choose from to personalize your dessert. In addition to these, try a Sinless Smoothie if you need a quick refreshment.

If you need something to cool off and indulge in, don’t be afraid to try the Cold Stone Creamery menu. Make it your little vegan secret.