May 14

Vegan Starbucks Coffee

Who doesn’t love a fresh cup off coffee to perk up your morning? Maybe a cold iced coffee has become a regular part of helping you coast through the afternoon. Whatever your choice, the absence of Soy Milk can ruin your delight. Luckily the Starbucks menu has plenty of vegan options.


Vegan Starbucks

Image Copyright Starbucks.


In its US locations, Starbucks does offer soymilk. This means that those following a vegan diet can enjoy a nice cup of Coffee, a Latte, or an Iced version of either. Starbucks also carries a vast line of Tazo Teas to choose from. For a treat, grab the Deluxe Fruit Blend, a Plain or Multigrain Bagel or a Ginger Molasses Cookie – all vegan. A coffee shop may not be the first place you’d expect to find a vegan, but the Starbucks menu is helping to change that.