Wawa Menu

Wawa Menu

Wawa is categorized under Fast Food – Fast Casual.

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Welcome to the Wawa menu page of Vegan Eating Out. This page lists which of Wawa’s menu items are suitable for a vegan diet. If you would like clarification about ingredients used in the food at Wawa contact information is also provided.

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Express Apple Dipper
Express Carrot & Celery Dipper
Express Fruits and Veggie Options
Philly Soft Pretzel
Wawa Nuts and Trail Mixes
Hash Browns
Wawa 100% Columbian Coffee
Wawa Dark Roast Coffee
Wawa Decaf Coffee
Wawa Ethiopian Coffee
Wawa French Vanilla Coffee
Wawa Hazelnut Coffee
Wawa Kona Blend Coffee
Wawa Regular Coffee
Wawa Hot Teas
100% Orange Pineapple Mango Juice
Wawa Orange Juice
Mango Smoothie (not Creme)
Strawberry Banana Smoothie (not Creme)
Diet Green Tea
Diet Iced Tea
Diet Lemonade Tea
Diet Peach Tea
Diet Raspberry Tea
Green Tea
Iced Tea
Lemonade Tea
Mango Green Tea
Peach Tea
Raspberry Tea
Sweet Tea
Wawa Fruit Punch
Wawa Orange Drink
Wawa Raspberry Lemonade
Wawa Tropical Punch
Wawa Waters
White Tangerine Tea

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  • kirkir

    I did some research and come to find that the wawa bread for subs used (classic shorti, junior and classic size) are vegan! No animal products used. Only in the wheat breads do they use honey. x