Oct 22

We Love Subway (and want to make it better!)

Compassion Over Killing has started a website called We Love Subway in order to encourage the popular fast food chain to offer vegan meats. The campaign simply explains the need for vegan substitutes:

Vegetarian eating has become increasingly popular in the last several years, and people are looking for a diverse range of meatless options. 

Subway’s menu currently offers a Veggie Delight sandwich which can be made vegan when you leave the meat and cheese off. But this leaves many of its vegan customers feeling unfulfilled. One person left a comment on We Love Subway sharing this sentiment:

I am always grateful for Subway when travelling (especially in the western states) since you can find one just about anywhere. But otherwise, I never eat there because their single vegan option is boring and has no protein. This would definitely change if they offered tofurky or other vegan slices.

I hope this encourages the readers of Vegan Eating Out to continue to support the eateries that support our dietary needs and to ask for more options. Together we represent a large demographic that has the power to convince national and international chains to offer us what we crave.