Zio's Italian Kitchen E-mail

Received: 12/19/08

The following is the e-mail response from Zio’s Italian Kitchen when asked which of their menu items are vegan:

Thank you for your question and thinking of Zios. We have several Vegan items. We have a vegetable primavera for lunch, also we have a lemon chicken primavera and if you order it without the chicken it is vegan. Our Marinara sauce is also vegan so any pasta with marinara would be considered vegan. We have a Pasta Mia that you could build your own Pasta and a vegatable pak and add Marinara sauce to it and it is vegan. We also have a Vegetable lasagna but this has cheese in it so not really considered vegan unless you eat cheese. We also have salads that are vegan and we havew a Greek pasta just leave out the Chicken and feta cheese and it is vegan.

In summary Vegan Items are as follows:

Any salads without cheese

Lunch Veggie Primavera without cheese

Dinner Lemon Chicken Primavera minus chicken and cheese

Pasta Mia going Pasta, Marinara sauce and a Veggie pack

Pizza with marinara sauce and veggies no cheese

Greek Pasta with out Chicken or cheese.

Thanks for Coming to Zios